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''I am always intrigued by the fact that young people listen spontaneously to Acoustic Piano and Guitar. whether Jazz, flamenco or Classical Instrumental music, they somehow develop a hesitation. They have the impression that Indian classical music cannot be enjoyed unless one has the keys to decode it. This is the perception I wish to change and 'Sur Yajna' is a humble effort in that direction.

This album hopes to encourage the non-initiated to listen to Indian classical music. Hence, the more orthodox approach of exploring one raga for a great length of time is shortened to give glimpses of the variety of scales in the Indian Classical system it's while but emotive qualities. 'sur Yajana' is still a classical album with the more important and key ingredients usually associated with a North Indian Classical Sitar performance.

The Five tracks, signifying the Five Elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space were recorded over two days in a home rigged up like a studio in a beautiful mountain village in the South of France close to the Pyrenees. A special mention and thanks to the sound technicians who were involved in this recording for helping me achieve the special sitar sound.

Lastly but Surely, this album is just another drop in the ocean as always I seek your blessings and love.

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