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In all these years, every album, each and every track i have created has a very special place in my heart. Yet, through this journey I have noticed how some of these special tracks got overshadowed by those that struck an instant chord with the listeners.
With this very thought in mind, I decided to "pluck" some favourites from some of my previous albums and reproduce them with a little re-editing and a few additional music parts to bring forth a new dimension.
It has always brought me immense joy to connect to all you music lovers with the only language I know, MUSIC. And I hope that I am able to reach out to you all and fill your hearts with the same loving sentiments that helped me create these tracks.
To all of you, who are listening to "Plucked", I very humbly and earnestly seek your blessings for my musical journey onwards.
Yours in Music
Niladri Kumar
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