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Theinnocence of a four year old plucking at the sitar under the guidance of hisfather and guru, Sitar Maestro PANDIT KARTICK KUMAR. marked thebeginning of NILADRI KUMARs musical journey. Blessed by the lineageof five generations of sitar players his first public performance at thetender age of six was only one of the many milestones to follow.

Asa result of his numerous years of training, Niladri KumarAs profoundunderstanding of diverse gharana styles and mastery of technical skillgradually began to resonate through the magical touch of his swift, agilefingers.

Today,he is hailed as one of the serious, young exponents of Indian Classical Music,who constantly endeavours to infuse interest and respect for this traditionalart form in the hearts and minds of the younger generation.

NiladriKumar is truly a rare instrumentalist with an unique repertoire ranging fromtraditional, classical compositions on the sitar to his innovative,electrifying renditions on the zitar. Be it at his highly acclaimed IndianClassical Music Recitals or his rave reviewed World Music Concerts, thismaverick musician leaves every music lover orthodox or progressive spellboundwith his flashes of unparalleled brilliance and his uncanny ability to strikean instant rapport with the audiences transcending all age barriers.

Atorch bearer for the future of Indian Music, Niladri Kumar with his prodigioustechnique has been bestowed with several prestigious awards and valued titles.

•The Sangeet NatakAkademis Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar forHindustani Instrumental Music.

•The Sanskriti Award

•The Jadubhatta Puraskar

•The MW IMMIES Best Classical/Fusion Instrumental Album - IF

•Shanmukha Shree


•GIMAfor the Best InstrumentalAlbum forAURA

NiladriKumar is the chosen brand ambassador for reputed international brands AKG byHARMAN, tc electronic and Sonodyne.

With his inimitabletalent featured in over 20 national and international albums and his unparalleledperformances across the globe, Niladri Kumar is one of the generationsbrightest stars with a career that promises to be illustrious and innovative.And more than all of the above with Niladri Kumar’s everlasting love and fierypassion for music, it is undoubtedly going to be a captivating and joyfuljourney every step of the way for music lovers the world over.